Full Contact Karate

No protectors or guards are used, with exception to groin guards.
Full contact Karate or “Knockdown Karate” originated from Kyokushin Karate which advocates full-force sparring and physical toughness. Similarly, during the bout, if an effective technique has been applied that calls for points accreditation, the match will be paused momentarily.
Other Knockdown Karate styles that originated from Kyokushin Karate include:
• World Oyama Karate
• Ashihara Karate
• Enshin Karate
• Shidokan
• Seidokaikan
• Shinkyokushin
In Full Contact Karate, the points system is relatively simple – whoever achieves Ippon (one point) will win the match.
An Ippon can be achieved via:
• The accumulation of 2 Waza-Ari (half point)
• An attack that knocks down the opponent for more than 3 seconds
• A legal technique that renders the opponent being reluctant to continue the fight
• Disqualification