Yoga has been described as the perfect “Ying” to complement the high-intensity “Yang” of CrossFit training. The emotional and psychological benefits of yoga are the ideal balance to the physical intensity of a CrossFit.

The endurance and flexibility, which the practice of yoga encourages, are the perfect accompaniment to the strength and power that CrossFit encompasses. Practitioners of each discipline are discovering that by combining them, they can experience increased performance in both. So, without further ado, here are the main benefits you can expect from combining these 2 types of exercise.

CrossFit athletes need great flexibility in their joints and muscles. Practicing yoga can gradually increase your range of movement in a gentle, controlled way. A regular daily yoga routine stretches ligaments and lubricates joints to give greater flexibility, and a complete yoga session takes all of your joints through their entire range of movement – squeezing and soaking cartilage with blood, oxygen, and nutrients. Better flexibility and mobility can then reduce your risk of injury and can increase your CrossFit performance, so when you call on your body to do something extreme in your CrossFit training, you reduce the risk of hurting yourself.